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Bringing people together to enjoy science!

Dundee Science Centre is an educational charity that leads and manages Dundee Science Festival. The festival plays a vital role in making science part of culture and encourages increased engagement with science learning.

Dundee Science Festival is here to help families learn together, to support the formal school curriculum and advance the science communication profession.

All funds to co-ordinate, market, and deliver an inspirational programme of events to 10,000 local people, are raised externally. We rely on the support from funding authorities, trusts and corporate sponsorship to allow us to take science to different audiences across Tayside.

One of Dundee Science Festival’s strengths is the ability to link and support a broad spectrum of partners, who not only represent the many facets of society that science impacts (nationally), but who also demonstrate the many, varied ways that science and technology are applied locally.

For more information about our 2019 funders please visit our funders page.


How to Support Us

As a supporter of Dundee Science Festival, your organisation will demonstrate a commitment to science education, lifelong learning, and community development and will allow you to:

  • Raise your profile with a wide range of audiences
  • Build relationships with members of the public and reach target audiences
  • Provide a platform for public engagement
  • Support local communities
  • Motivate and inspire members of the public to get involved with your organisation
  • Provide a motivational experience for your staff
  • Provide career inspiration for members of the public
  • Raise awareness of the research and work that your organisation delivers
  • Raise awareness of the importance of this work for the future
  • Engage with new audiences
  • Give members of the public a better understanding of your organisation


Please feel free to contact or phone 01382 868 614 to discuss a potential partnership.

With thanks to previous sponsors and to all that have allowed the festival to take place.